Bell Curve On My Condor SS .22

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Bell Curve On My Condor SS .22

Postby kip6830 » Thu Mar 16, 2017 6:04 am

With my power wheel set on 0,3 the the bell curve starts around 2500 psi, peaks around 2300 and ends around 1900 to 1750 depending on the pellets I'm using. This has been the case with Crossman 14.3 gr hollow points, Beeman Kodiak 21.14 gr, JSB 18.13, and H and N Barracuda Match 21.14 gr. However when I use Eujin 28.5 grain pellets there is not curve. Only a slope. The higher the pressure I start at and the higher the wheel setting the higher the velocity starts and then it slopes down from there. My first question is how to get a bell curve with the Eujins. I also want to know if starting with a different wheel setting will change the psi of my bell curve. I spoke with Rachel at Airforce Arms and she spoke with a technician who recommended not shooting with the wheel all of the way down but to start at 2,5 or 3,5 or 5,5 stating that it is more efficient and I might get a better extreme spread. If I do this and shoot from 2500 down to 1900 I will be way too fast around 2300psi for anything under 21 grains or so. I bought a pellet sampler that contains a lot of lighter pellets ranging from 12 to 16 grains and I want to test them in my gun. So another question I have is, is it better to start at 3000 where the fps is low and shoot until it rises around 2550-2600psi or start shooting around 2000 psi with a higher wheel setting for the lighter pellets and just have a slope and not a bell curve.

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